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Brand New Massey Ferguson Tractors and Farm Implements For Sale in Nigeria

Massey Ferguson Limited is an American agricultural equipment manufacturing company. It was formed after the merger of Massey Harris company of Canada and the Ferguson company of Northern Ireland in 1953. Since then Massey Ferguson has become a well-known brand of agricultural machinery. They offer a wide range of tractors and farm implements that has been redesigning the agricultural ways.

Over time, with its vast experience, Massey Ferguson has brought innovation to its design and quality to bring the range of agricultural equipment that caters to the needs of every farmer across the world.Massey Ferguson tractors are manufactured in the various licensed facilities of the world without compromising on quality. The demand for Massey Ferguson tractors is global, but the emerging market for these tractors has been Africa in recent years.

  • MF-240(50hp)
  • MF-260(60hp)
  • MF-360(60hp)
  • MF-375(75hp)
  • MF-385 (85hp) either 2WD or 4WD

We are also offering Export Quality Farm Implements available for sale in Nigeria such as Disc plough, Disc Harrow, Farm Trailer, Boom Sprayer, rice reaper, rice thresher and many others mentioned in our website.

You can contact us by writing an email  :  Whatsapp on+92-317-000-1715

Massey Ferguson 240 2WD
Massey Ferguson 240 is a 50 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Massey Ferguson 260 2WD
Massey Ferguson 260 2WD is a 60 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Massey Ferguson 360 2WD
Massey Ferguson 360 2WD is a 60 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Massey Ferguson 375 2WD
Massey Ferguson 375 2WD is a 75 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Massey Ferguson 385 2WD
Massey Ferguson 385 2WD is a 85 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Massey Ferguson 385 4WD
Massey Ferguson 385 4WD is a 85 HP 2020 Tractor Model
Disc Plough
Premium Quality Disc Plough for sale in Nigeria
Offset Discs Harrow
Premium Quality Offset Discs Harrow for sale in Nigeria
Premium Quality Ridger for sale in Nigeria
Multi Crop Thresher
Premium Quality Multi Crop Thresher for sale in Nigeria
Rotary Slasher
Premium Quality Rotary Slasher for sale in Nigeria
Tine Tiller
Premium Quality Tine Tiller for sale in Nigeria

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